Medical University in Germany Hungary

Germany Hungary is home to distinguished medical universities acclaimed for their high-quality education and pioneering research. These institutions offer diverse specialized programs, modern facilities, and hold international recognition, attracting students globally.

The curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive blend of theoretical learning and practical training, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for the evolving healthcare sector. Access to cutting-edge resources and collaborations with esteemed institutions enriches the academic journey.

Moreover, these universities foster a diverse and inclusive environment, promoting global perspectives among students. Graduates not only earn a degree but also gain a profound understanding of medicine, preparing them for successful careers in various medical disciplines.

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    Medical University in Germany Hungary

    Course (Bachelors & Masters)

    • Science & Technology (B.Tech)
    • Medicine (MBBS/MD) 
    • Tourism 
    • Business 



      • 2,500 tO 3,000 Euro per year 
      • Engineering – 5000 Euro (Appr.) 
      • Medicine – 6000 – 8000 Euro 
      • Other monthly expenses – 600


    • Budapest University 
    • Semmelweis University 
    • Central European University 
    • Corvinus University 
    • University of Debrecen 
    • University of Pecs 
    • University of Szeged

    Medical University in Germany Hungary