Medical University in Russia Kazakisthan

Russia Kazakisthan is home to reputable medical universities recognized for their excellence in education and research. These institutions offer diverse specialized programs, modern facilities, and hold international recognition, attracting students globally.

The curriculum focuses on a comprehensive approach, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the evolving healthcare sector. Access to cutting-edge resources and collaborations with esteemed institutions enriches the academic journey.

Furthermore, these universities foster a diverse and inclusive environment, promoting cultural diversity and global perspectives among students. Graduates not only obtain a degree but also gain a holistic understanding of medicine, positioning them for successful careers in various medical disciplines.

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    Medical University in Russia Kazakisthan

    1. Kazak National Medical Univ 

    2. AI-Farabi Kazakh National Univ 

    3. Caspian International School of Medicine 

    4. West Kazak State Medical Univ 

    5. International School of Medicine

    About Course Details

    Medium of Study : English 

    Course Duration : 5 Years

    Internship : 1 year 

    Fee Structure